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Pokemon Godra offers a diverse range of career paths for you to undertake. The career paths available to you are dependent on the choices you make throughout the game.

You can pursue most of the paths at the same time until some employer tells you, that you have to decide/can't work for anyone else, if you accept this job offered. Most of the Legendary Pokémon you can encounter depend on which jobs you do. Also the only option to get a pokedex is to do a job, otherwise you won't get one.

As of Version 1.8 most jobs aren't finished yet (an example the jobs in East Godra), so you might encounter some errors. There will be more job options in later games, e.g. Berry Farmer, Nurse, Private Security, Gym Leader.

West Godra

In the western part of Godra these jobs are offered to capable trainers.

Military General

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.02.03 PM.png

To enlist in the military, you must defeat Omoth's Gym Leader, Kristie. Once you have defeated her, go to the military headquarters and talk to the receptionist. She will direct you to Captain Rock.

Mission Directions
Find the War Party's base of operations. Defeat the Abyss Gym Leader and gain access to Shadowfell.
Apprehend Yokunai on Route 14 and bring him back to the military headquarters.

War Party Leader

Once you have defeated Omoth's Gym Leader and battled your rival in Route 2, you can make your way through Route 3 to reach Abyss.

Go south from the Pokemon Centre and talk to the brown-haired guy outside the house. He will ask you if you believe that East and West Godra will ever actually reconcile: answer 'no' and talk to the Super Nerd inside the house. Once you have talked to him, look for the switch beside the cupboard and activate it. Go down the staircase that appears and talk to the guy next to the table.

The War Party Hideout in Abyss features a fossile reviving machine.

Mission Directions
Convince the diplomat from East Godra to not attend the meeting.

Go to Violet City and meet with Senator Eliat in the Violet Hall. He will ask you to deliver a letter to his wife in Alder Town. She lives in the house above the Pokémon center.

Find Tobias. Go to Nightshade. Tobias live in the South-West corner of the city.

If you're a War Party member you can capture the following Legendary Pokémon: Regirock (lvl 30), Groudon (lvl 45), ...

Albright Industries CEO

After solving the pollution problem in Omoth City, Kenneth will ask you to come to his office if you're interested in a job. You will have to do some tasks all around Godra for him before he appoints you his new Senior Officier which is the point you have to quit any other jobs and where you get a daily salary (500¥). After you get promoted once, you get a raise to 1,000 daily.

Albright also has a Fossile reviving machine found on the 2nd floor of their building.

This job path is finished since Version 1.8

Mission Directions Details
Help the Research Center Find the Research Station on Route 4 Talk to the lead scientist in the basement of the station, then collect the three boxes around Route 4. Talk to the scientist again, to get an Ultra Ball and 1000¥ as reward. Go back to Kenneth.
Route 11


Route 7



Find MewTwo On Route 11 at the very top, there will be an island that contains MewTwo and an old man. Talk to MewTwo.


Go to the place you got Surf from Weiss in Violet Town. Surf north until you find a little ledge that has MewTwo on it. Talk to MewTwo.


Go to the beach and to the right. MewTwo will be behind a couple rocks in the top left corner by the fence. Before you can talk to him, Misty will give you a choice to leave him alone or to continue bothering him.

While you work for Kenneth Albright you can encounter the following Legendary Pokémon: Articuno, Mewtwo

East Godra

This jobs are available in different places in the eastern half of the continent.

Safari Zone Warden

You can become the new Warden of the Safari Zone in Osier Town. Talk to the current Warden. He'll give you a couple of "missions".

Mission Directions Details
He'll tell you that there's a Kangaskub missing in the Safari Zone. Go inside a Safari Zone to the west area and look in the tall grass for one. He will give you a held item as a reward.
He'll tell you that there's a dangerous Tauros in Route 20 scaring people and need some one to get it back. Go to Route 20 and you'll see a Tauros running around, walk up to him and capture him. He will give you a good reward for your trouble, plus keeping the Tauros.
He'll tell you that to get the job you have to visit E'qui and bring back a special flower. Travel to E'qui and look for a guy that collects those flowers. This part of the quest hasn't been completed yet, further information will be added.

Pokémon Professor

When you apply at the Holly City College you can receive training as a Pokémon Professor.

So far the first semester is the only one that can be completed, in the second one the player can only complete the class Catching 101, but the class Battling 102 can't be completed, yet.

Tasks Directions Details
Register at the College  Go to the Admission office The colleges central building, left door. Take the entrance exam and answer 8 out of 10 questions correctly. Questions are mostly about pokémon types and evolutions.
Pokémon 101 Go to Room 121 This is optional.  Go to Burberry Hall (Western building). Talk to Prof. Oak. The recommended reading is in the library (central building, middle door), on the first row of shelves lefthand. The homework tests can be found in your room (next to the bed). There's six homeworks, one for each book. After each homework, talk to Prof. Oak again, to get the next one.
Battle class 101 Go to Room 141 Optional. You can skip to final day right away, if you want.<br\/>Talk to Prof. Weiss. Then go to Holly Forest and find the practice ring in the left corner. Do a training battle. Go back to the classroom. If you've beaten other trainers before, you can continue to part two right away: another training battle at the practice ring. For the last training battle, get your first badge and talk to Prof. Weiss in the classroom.
Finals Take the finals

Go to your room (dorm, door to the very right) and interact with your bed to skip to finals day.

Go to the Practice Ring in Holly Forest and beat Prof. Ray in a pokémon battle. Afterwards go to Prof. Oak in Room 121 and take a lengthly test about type effectiveness. If you pass, you'll get a Pokédex! After passing the exam visit Prof. Weiss to get an egg!

Register for second semester Admissions office Talk to the secretary
Catching 101 Talk to Rowan in Room 131 Rowan will inform you, that to pass Catching class, you'll need to catch at least 10 Pokémon. You'll get a better grade (and reward) if you catch 20, 30 or 40 Pokémon. This is compared to your Pokédex entry number, not to the number of Pokémon you currently own.

10-Love Stone (Used to evolve Eevee) 20-Link Stone (Used to evolve by "trading") 30-Sun Stone (Used on certain grass types, mostly)

Battling 102 Room 141

Prof. Weiss sends you across the map to defeat trainers in different towns.

The first is in Osier Town, and you have to finish Willow Town and Cedar Town's gyms to even GET to Osier Town. You also have to have Rock Smash, which you get from a War Party member no matter what you choose, and the Wailmer Pail, which is in the flower shop in Cedar Town. The trainer will be right before the PokeCenter. There's also... another guy? He's near the PokeCenter, too, and looks the same.

The first guy says the second trainer called Harold is in Azola's Mines. The second guy says Sharon's in Willow Town.

The third trainer is not yet implemented into the game!

Pokémon battles in the battling classes

class trainer pokémon
101 training

Youngster David<br\/>Cool Trainer Fred<br\/>Beauty Amanda

Bunnelby Lv. 3<br\/>Snorunt Lv. 5<br\/>Zigzagoon Lv.8, Oddish Lv.8

101 exam Prof. Ray Charmander Lv. 10, Squirtle Lv. 10, Bulbasaur Lv. 10


When you apply at the Holly City College you can become a Nurse.

There is a nurse in the Pokecenter of Paret City who refuses you access to a part of the building unless you are a Nurse yourself.

For the moment the job isn't complete, as both trainers you are told you need are absent. Below is a table of parts of the questline.

Tasks Directions Details
Register at the college
Meet with Paret City Head Doctor Paret City Pokemon Center
Entrance exam Paret City Pokemon Center
First apothecary lesson: Create Heal Powder
Second apothecary lesson: Create Energy Powder
Apothecary Final Exam
Intermediate Medicine Willow City Pokemon Center

Trainer Coalition Ranger

As you enter the Trainer Coalition HQ in Paret City, you'll see a receptionist, when you talk to her she will tell you that they're hiring new Rangers for a Freelance Program, all you have to do is go and capture wild pokémon and bring them back to her, she'll give 2000 pokébucks for any pokémon, doesn't matter the level of said pokémon. She tells you that if you're good enough you might become a real Ranger.

The thing is, apparently this quest is not complete, since you don't become a Ranger doesn't matter how many pokémon you turn in. Wait for more information about this quest.


In Azola City, in the Azola Mines is the CEO of the Mining Company.

As for Version 1.8, the CEO tells you that you're allowed to go further down the mines once you do a particular "quest", although you still can't do it, this might be a glitch, wait for further versions.