• Cedar Town Gym
  • Cedar gym interior
  • East Godra National Park
  • Very short tutorial to how to be able to move from cedar town to route 20.

Cedar Town is a small burg situated just off of Route 15 to the south, with Route 20 to the west. It is home to a few shops, some older individuals, and the Cedar Town Gym.

Main FeaturesEdit

  • Pokemon Center
  • PokeMart
  • Cedar Town Gym (situated on a hill)
  • East Godra National Park


  • Water Can - is given to you in the flower shop (right of the National Park) after you beat the Gym, necessary to continue your journey

East Godra National Park Edit

Wild Pokemon

At Day

  • Jigglypuff Lv.12-18 30%
  • Cherubi lv.14-19 30%
  • Combee Lv.12-17 23%
  • Teddiursa Lv.11-17 15%
  • Pachirisu Lv.18-19 2%

At night:

  • Yanma Lv.12-19 50%
  • Pachirisu Lv.13-20 30% (most are lv18-19)
  • Jigglypuff Lv.18-20 10%
  • Kricketot Lv.16-18 10%

During the Bug Catching Contest

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  • Caterpie Lv.7-18 20%
  • Weedle Lv.7-18 20%
  • Metapod Lv.9-18 10%
  • Kakuna Lv.9-18 10%
  • Paras Lv.10-17 10%
  • Venonat Lv.10-16 10%
  • Butterfree Lv.12-15 5%
  • Beedrill Lv.12-15 5%
  • Pinsir Lv.13-14 5%
  • Heracross Lv.13-14 4%
  • Scyther Lv.13-14 1%

Cedar Town GymEdit

Type - The Cedar Town Gym is home to a host of Bug-Type Pokemon.

Bug catcher Sami - Ariados lvl 19

Harvey - Yanma lvl 19

Dane - Butterfree lvl 18, Beedrill lvl 18

Dave? - Heracross lvl 18, Pinsir lvl 18

Gym Battles
Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Used
Gym Leader Saul Lv. 20 Shedinja, Lv. 20 Scyther, Lv. 20 Scizor

Strategy - Bug-Type Pokemon are weak against several types that you can catch before reaching Cedar Town. Notably, the Taillow you receive through trade in Holly City would be a good choice. Be careful of the types you choose to bring, because Saul's Scyther knows Vaccum Wave (and is a dual Bug/Flying). His Scizor knows Bullet Punch, but any Fire-Type Pokemon could take it out with relative ease. To reach him, you'll have to navigate through the web maze covering the entire gym. Try going to the left after entering, and follow the invisible walls.

Reward - For beating Saul, you will receive  the Arachnid Badge. He will also reward you with TM54 (False Swipe).

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