Cloudvale is, along with Nettle Town and Jalop Town, one of three small towns in West Godra that does not have a Gym. Cloudvale is populated primarily by wealthy members of society who left the larger, busier city of Omoth in order to live a quiet life. Despite being few in number, the citizens of Cloudvale actually carry with them tremendous political weight due to their extensive lobbying and major political donations. It is due to this political weight that they managed to pass the 'Demilitarized Suburban Zones' law, which restricted military access to the three 'Suburban' population centers Cloudvale, Nettle Town, and Jalop Town.

Cloudvale is one possible starting location for the player character at the opening of Godra Region.

If the player starts in Cloudvale, they can of course get a potion from the computer in their room.

Godra wikia mini games NES

the NES minigame available at your own TV

Also, the player can play a minigame on the NES in their room, where they have to catch balls with a basket. There are three levels; catching 20, 50, and 100 balls. Once they've completed all of them, they'll be able to fight and catch a lvl 5 shiny Porygon.

Important LocationsEdit

One of Professor Weiss' labs is located in Cloudvale. The Professor, an alumni of Holly City's College, likes to take aspiring young trainers under his wing for field research and initial studies of Pokémon. Upon reaching ten years old, Professor Weiss assists the young trainers in filling out their trainer registration with the Trainer Coalition and choosing their first Pokémon partner.

After picking your Starter Pokémon, you can get some free Pokéballs from the other assistent in the lab.

You can also read or not read an e-mail on Prof. Weiss' computer. Reading it will change your alignment by -1. If you decide to not read it, your alignment shifts +1.

On the Albright line, once you have seen MewTwo near Jalop and Violet, Cloudvale beach will have MewTwo on it.

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