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E'qui is the location of East Godras 8th gym. It is only accessible in Godra: Remastered Version. In the original Godra Final 1 Version by Greg, access to E'qui is bugged.


The Frozen North Cave connects Pine Town to E'qui. E'qui Forest lies to the south of the town.

Main FeaturesEdit


  • TM96 Dazzling Gleam - A man on the right side of the town will give you this TM if you talk to him.
  • An old man in the house in the upper right hand corner will give you a Pichu with Volt tackle if you talk to him after defeating the Elite Four.
  • Lance - below the E'qui Gym. Tells you to find him when you are of comparable strength.
  • Misty - in the Equi Pokemon Center if you are part of the Trainer Coalition Career Path. She tells you to meet her in the Frozen North Temple , which is available after defeating the Elite Four.


The entrance to Shigure's Gym is at the Cave to the left of the Frozen North Cave entrance. There are four floors - each floor has a trainer and a quiz about Dragon Type Pokemon that you must answer correctly in order to proceed.

Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Used
Dragon Tamer Kris Lv. 43 Noibat, Lv. 44 Noivern
Dragon Tamer Tremlo Lv. 42 Tyrantrum
Dragon Tamer Jimmie Lv. 44 Seadra, Lv. 43 Fraxure
Dragon Taimer Jules Lv. 44 Vibrava, Lv. 43 Sliggoo, Lv. 44 Dragonair
Gym Leader Shuguri Lv. 45 Zweilous, Lv. 46 Flygon, Lv. 46 Drampa, LV. 46 Kingdra, Lv. 47 Kommo-o

Strategy - All of Shiguri's Pokemon except for Kingdra are weak to Ice attacks, so you can capture a Pokemon from the Frozen North to use in this battle. If you have a Fairy type Pokemon, the Dazzling Gleam TM given to you by the monk in the village is also helpful. 

Reward - You win the Legend Badge and TM82 Dragon Tail for defeating Shuguri. 

After you defeat Shiguri, Professor Ray will meet you outside the Gym and offer to fly you over to Ebony City in West Godra, where you will challenge the Elite Four.

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