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The town map of Godra.

In East Godra, trainers enjoy a 'hand's off' style of governing. Only a handful of police officers patrol the clean cities, and even fewer soldiers ever set foot into those streets. There are many opportunities to work with Pokémon in East Godra. Holly City 's College , world reknowned for instructing such legendary personalities such as Professor Oak and Professor Elm, still welcomes new students aspiring to become Pokémon researchers. The Safari Zone , established nearly a hundred years ago by the Elite Four , still operates in Osier Town and often hires young trainers to work on the grounds. The Trainer Coalition also hires young trainers in a variety of fields, such as regulation enforcement and Pokémon research.


Compared to West Godra , East Godra is sparsely populated by people used to the lack of industry that comes with living in West Godra. East Godra consists of nine towns and cities.

Possible Career Paths

East Godra is known as a land full of opportunities to work in Pokémon related fields. 

For more information see the Career Paths article.

Gym Locations

The First gym is in Holly City, which specializes in grass types

Second gym is in Willow City which has Poison types

Third gym is in Cedar Town and has Bug Types

Fourth Gym is in Osier Town and specializes in Rock Types

Fifth Gym is in Paret City and has Flying Types

Sixth Gym is in Azola City and has Steel Types

Seventh Gym is in Pine Town and specializes in Ice Types

Eighth and last Gym is in E'qui and has Dragon Types

Important Locations