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Feverfew Desert is a desert located in West Godra, south of Nightshade. It is possible to use flash in the cave to make traversing it easier.

There is a special area accessible only by passing the strength puzzle in the north-eastern part of the cave. This area contains another cave which has different Pokemon, but there is a bug where you cannot go over the bridge, hence this area is useless except for getting the different Pokemon. Warning! It is impossible to get out of this area without fly or by fainting all of you pokemon.


  • Root Fossil - In cave, behind two smashable rocks, up the two sets of stairs and to the right (requires rock smash)
  • Cover Fossil - In desert behind two smashable rocks (requires rock smash)
  • TM01 Hone Claws - Behind some boulders in the eastern area of the cave (requires strength)

Wild Pokemon


  • Hippopotas lvl22
  • Pansear lvl24-25
  • Sandshrew lvl18-25
  • Numel lvl17-24
  • Trapinch lvl20-27
  • Sandile lvl18-19
  • Vullaby lvl20-21
  • Cacnea lvl21-23
  • Growlithe lvl18
  • Maractus lvl18
  • Charmeleon lvl??

Cave (B1F)

  • Combusken lvl33-37 (20%)
  • Graveler lvl33-36 (40%)
  • Growlithe lvl29-33 (15%)
  • Monferno lvl34-36 (20%)
  • Infernape lvl37 (1%)
  • Pansear lvl35-36 (4%)

Special Cave (B1F)

  • Duskull lvl33-36 (15%)
  • Baltoy lvl33-37 (60%)
  • Ltiwick lvl29-37 (20%)
  • Sigilyph lvl36-37 (4%)
  • Sableye lvl36 (1%)