Rocket Game Corner

Rocket Game Corner in Shadowfell

Abyss Game Corner Coin Case

Getting the Coin Case

Lottery Corner

Pokémon Lottery Corner in Abyss

In the Rocket Game Corners across Godra you can play at the Slot Machines or Voltorb Flip Table to win Coins. The necessary Coin Case is given out by the Lady to the very left.

The Pokémon Lottery Corner is also located here.

You can find a Game Corner in Abyss which also Features the Triple Triad Card Game, one in Shadowfell which also features the War Party HQ.


  • Slot Machines - classic style, we've known them since Red/Green/Blue/Yellow
  • Voltorb Flip - this crossover of Nonogram and Minesweeper doesn't require any stake, so you needn't buy any coins before playing
  • Triple Triad - You don't win Coins for this, but cards. You also loose cards for loosing a game. Expect to invest 10 000 ¥ - 15 000 ¥ for a decent deck of five cards. You can sell cards for ¼ their buying prize, so you could make money eventually... or you could keep&collect the cards.


  • Smoke Ball 800C
  • Miracle Seed 1000C
  • Charcoal 1000C
  • Mystic Water 1000C
  • Yellow Flute 1600C
  • 063 Abra (Lv.9) 180C
  • 035 Clefairy (Lv.8) 500C
  • 147 Dratini (Lv.18) 2800C
  • 123 Scyther (Lv.25) 5500C
  • 137 Porygon (Lv.26) 9999C
  • TM13 Ice Beam 4000C
  • TM23 Iron Tail 3500C
  • TM24 Thunderbolt 4000C
  • TM30 Shadow Ball 4500C
  • TM35 Flamethrower 4000C

Pokémon Lottery CornerEdit

Pokémon Lottery Corner - draw a lucky number each day and win prizes if any of your Pokémon IDs matches - just like the Lottery in the Pokémon Game Series