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---New Update as of December 28, 2022---[]

Hello everyone! BubblyBuizel here with a new update announcement!

Thanks to everyone for your patience and help in spotting bugs – I was able to read through most of your comments/messages on issues with the game. This new update fixes several issues with the game that would cause crashes and players to lose their progress. Many annoyances have also been fixed like the errors with collision/invisible walls and blank tilesets indoors. Gen 7 and 8 moves and abilities are now properly implemented, so unique abilities like Aegislash's Stance Change or Mimikyu's Disguise are now available. New areas and questlines have been added to the main story. Graphics have been improved significantly, so no more lines in the middle of trees or janky player sprites. To fit better with the theme of East Godra, following Pokémon are implemented and your Pokémon will follow you as long as you are in East Godra. The Pokégear now offers several apps that can help you on your journey. Many other bug fixes and features have been added; please see the Updates / Patch Notes section below.

I know that it has been quite a long wait, but I'm hoping to release a functional 1.0 version of the game later this year. I will also try to release bug fixes more often throughout the year. Please continue to send me bug reports and suggestions in the comments or by message - I do read them!

Remember to SAVE OFTEN in case you run into any bugs while playing.


Godra Remastered Town Map

Updated Town Map for Godra Remastered Version

Godra: Remastered Version is a remake and love letter to the original Godra Version by Greg Wilder. It aims to complete the original story that unfinished and to bring the game up to the DS era of Pokémon. The graphics have been upgraded to a Gen-4 like style and the game uses a Gen 5 battle engine. The later half of East Godra is also finished, allowing the player to travel to E'qui to obtain the final gym badge and challenge the Elite Four in Ebony City. Pokémon from Gens 1-7 are fully implemented with their respective abilities and movesets. Several Pokémon have received buffs, making any of the starters viable for a run. There are several story changes and differences from the original Godra Version. Many new areas have also been added to the Godra region. Other features include:

  • After defeating the elite four for the first time, the option to travel to the other side of the Godra region and battle stronger trainers, gym leaders, and wild Pokémon.
  • An increased roster of starter Pokémon (up to a whopping 216!) with several starters buffed to be viable for use in the main story. Changes to pre-existing Pokémon, moves, and abilities can be found here: Pokémon Changes.
  • New and updated Career Paths, including rancher, trainer coalition officer, coordinator, Earth Force member, War Party grunt, Nurse, and more!
  • Several new TMs, move tutors, moves, abilities, items, and mega evolutions have been added to the game.
  • Several new story events have been added.
  • Stronger gym leaders and bosses
  • For more info on new features, see the Updates / Patch Notes section below.

The most recent Beta allows you to collect all 16 gym badges in the Godra Region and rematch the Elite Four with stronger Pokémon. Planned future update includes a functioning Pokémon World Tournament and Battle Tower in West Godra, a final story beat after defeating the Elite Four rematch, and more bug fixes.

I really enjoyed playing through Pokémon Godra and I hope this version lets people experience the Godra region again in a whole new way!


In order to play the game, it is recommended that you first download 7-zip for Windows. Use 7-zip to unzip the file first and you can play the game by launching Game.exe in the folder.

NOTE: Old save files from Beta 0.2 and 0.1 may be incompatible with the newest version due to the many changes and updates. It is recommended that you start a new save file.

You can download the most recent version (Beta 0.3.7) of the game here: Godra Remastered Download.

You can also check the updated HMTM/Move Tutor and Available Starters lists as they are different from the original version.


Please consider joining the Godra Remastered Discord if you are looking for a place to share any bugs you find while playing, offer feedback or suggestions on future updates, ask general questions about the game, or are interested in updates on development!


Updates / Patch Notes[]

Updates for Beta 0.3.6 (19 January 2023)[]

Major Gameplay Changes[]

  • There is now a fourth and final Elite Four Member, Kevin.
  • The Elite Four now follows the same format as the gyms, you may choose up to 5 Pokémon for each fight and items are banned during battle.
  • There is a new minigame, Pokémon Punch Out, in the Abyss, Shadowfell, and Azola City casinos. You can max out IVs or earn EVs as a reward.
  • The levels of trainer's Pokémon during the fight against the War Party in the Paret City Trainer Coalition building have been lowered.
  • The levels of gift Pokémon in the Abyss casino have been lowered to 12
  • The Aide in the Lab now explains alignment choices to you at the start of the game.
  • Change in Alignment Points will display when you are given a choice that affects your score
  • Books in the Campus Libraries now display as one scrolling textbox, rather than making players mash A repeatedly to read large texts
  • You are no longer required to immediately select a research topic after reading about the Tao Trio in the Campus Library
  • A new outfit based on the HGSS protagonists are available to purchase at the clothing shop
  • Ethers and Elixirs are now sold at Pokemarts.
  • It is now possible to change Zygarde into its 100% form after becoming the Champion.
  • Ambient cries of wild Pokémon in the area can be heard while outside.

Bug Fixes[]

  • It is now possible to read the potential of a Pokemon in Holly City.
  • Trading the Poochyena for a Taillow with the boy in Holly City is now possible.
  • Receiving the Blackglasses item from the night owl in Holly City no longer crashes the game.
  • Speaking to the salesperson on the Dept Store 2F in Paret City or Abyss no longer crashes the game.
  • The teleporting Abra in Paret City and the Castform in Weather Institute 2F are both no longer invisible.
  • Receiving or using the Homewarp item for your home no longer results in a crash.
  • Telling the Grunt on Route 19 that you want to join the War Party no longer crashes the game.
  • Prof. Ray will no longer take you to Ebony City form E'qui after you defeat the Pokemon League.
  • Asking your mom to fly you home over the Pokegear no longer crashes the game.
  • After defeating the Pokemon League in East Godra, your Pokemon will follow you again after leaving your room.
  • Pressing F12 to reset the game no longer results in a crash (HUGE thanks to UnitySonic for this fix!)
  • Berry Mulch now depletes from the bag after each use as normal.
  • Fixed an issue where a Zygarde cell on Route 16 was unreachable.
  • Following Pokemon now correctly appear on top of bridges when walking on them and the player can no longer surf while on top of a bridge.
  • Fixed an issue where battling a War Party Grunt in the Shadowfell HQ would crash the game.
  • The player can no longer receive an egg from Mr. Takeshi when the party is already full, which would delete the egg.
  • The sprites for running, biking, surfing, and diving now correctly display for each outfit.
  • Exiting a battle with a following Pokémon that is inflicted with the Exhausted status condition no longer crashes the game.
  • The player is no longer soft-locked upon entering the Deep Abandoned Mine room in Pine Town.
  • Fossils given to the scientist in Cedar Town or the Route 23 Underwater Lab now revive as normal when exiting the room and returning.
  • The move Ink Shot no longer incorrectly lowers Attack and Sp. Attack instead of speed.
  • Fixed a bug where a few random trainers would have the VS. intro sequence
  • Fixed several typos.

Previous Beta Versions:[]

Updates for Beta 0.3.5 (13 January 2023)[]

Major Gameplay Changes[]

  • A new key item, the Exp. All, is now given to you by a clerk in either the Abyss Dept. Store or Willow City Mart. The Exp. All can be turned on/off from the bag and works in the same manner as the Gen 6+ Exp. Share.
  • Added a new key item, the Hidden Power Checker, which is given to you by a clerk in either the Osier Town Mart or Nettle Town Mart. Using this on a Pokemon displays the type for its Hidden Power/ Latent Force moves.
  • Added a new move, Latent Force (TM107), which acts as a physical version of hidden power. TM107 is given to you by a girl in one of the Osier Town houses.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug that would crash the game when trying to battle the Burglar in Jalop Town for the stolen Pikachu
  • Fixed a bug that would crash the game when attempting to play the NES / ball catch game in your room.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash when visiting the Evolution Mart in Nightshade
  • Fixed an error where the incorrect item icon would appear for some TMs.
  • Fixed an error that crashed the game when interacting with the invisible Pokémon in Osier Town
  • Fixed a bug that crashed the game when playing the Roulette table in Azola City
  • Fixed impassable tile errors in the Paret City GTS room, Feverfew Cave, and the Mega Tower.
  • Fixed an issue where speaking with the clerk in Abyss/Paret City Dept. Store 5F would crash the game.
  • Fixed an error where speaking to the Magikarp salesman in Paret City would crash the game.
  • Fixed an error where the door to the Fishing Guru’s house in Route 23 would teleport the player to the incorrect location.
  • Fixed an error that caused the game to crash when entering the Rantipole Restaurant.
  • Fixed an error that would softlock the player upon exiting the Keldeo Room in the Frozen North Cave
  • Fixed a bug where legendaries, mythicals, and evolved Pokémon could hatch from the Sanctuary eggs
  • Fixed an issue with some Pokémon cries not playing correctly
  • Fixed several typos

Updates for Beta 0.3.4 (8 January 2023)[]

Major Gameplay Changes[]

  • Added Battle Restaurants to both Alder Town and Rantipole
  • Added several more Doctors/Nursing Student trainers in routes
  • One of the nurses on the second floor of the Willow City Pokémon Center will now give you an Egg Incubator, which you can store and hatch eggs inside without taking up space in your party.
  • The nurse on the second floor of the Willow City Pokémon Center will also give you an item that speeds up the time for Eggs to hatch after completing Pokémon Breeding 102 course.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug where the guy in Route 5 asking for a Potion would not accept any items.
  • Fixed a bug where the politician's wife in Alder Town or the girl in Rantipole would not accept the requested mail items.
  • Fixed a bug that would crash the game after receiving Surfing Pikachu in Rantipole or the special Pichu in E'qui.
  • Fixed a bug where Mr. Takeshi would not accept any Pokémon Eggs.
  • Fixed a bug where receiving a random Egg from Mr. Takeshi would crash the game.
  • Fixed a bug that would crash the game when receiving the Ultra Ball after recovering the equipment on Route 4.
  • Fixed a bug that would crash the game after picking up the Old Amber in Osier Town.
  • Fixed a bug where receiving an item from the Weekday Siblings in Jalop Town or Violet City would crash the game.
  • Fixed an error with Wimpod's animated front battle sprite.
  • Fixed several tileset errors.

Updates for Beta 0.3.3 (6 January 2023)[]

Major Gameplay Changes[]

  • Added a fossil reviver to the underwater lab in Route 23.
  • Slightly lowered levels in Abyss, Shadowfell, and Violet City gyms to be more in line with the East Godra level curve.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash when attempting to revive a fossil in Omoth, Abyss, or Cedar Town.
  • Fixed a bug where Gen 6-7 Pokémon that float would not be elevated when sent out in battle.

Updates for Beta 0.3.2 (4 January 2023)[]

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug where attempting to trade a Rattata for Taillow in Omoth would crash the game.
  • Fixed a bug where picking up the Super Potion in Route 3 would crash the game.
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the game if the player attempted to cross White River Bridge without having received the Pokédex first.
  • Fixed a bug where speaking to the Move Tutor in E'qui would crash the game.

Updates for Beta 0.3.1 (2 January 2023)[]

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug where remaining idle on the title screen for too long could result in a crash.
  • Fixed a bug where several in game battle themes would not loop correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where calling your mom to fly you home would result in a crash.
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to battle the hidden Zorua in the Violet City Earth Force quest would result in a crash.
  • Fixed a bug where Cliff would not accept apricorns from the player.

Updates for Beta 0.3 (28 December 2022)[]

Major Gameplay Changes[]

  • Pokémon Godra Remastered now supports multiple save files, which are now stored in the folder named “Save Game”. You can now easily play between multiple save files for both East and West Godra playthroughs!
  • The Pokégear has been revamped and now offers several apps that can be added to its functionality. The apps and their locations are as follows:
    • Town Map - Girl in house in Birch Town or Ashley's house in Cloudvale
    • Daycare Checker - Daycare Center in Route 16 or Jalop Town
    • Encounters (lists available wild Pokémon in current area) - Girl in house in Abyss or boy in Willow City house after earning Willow City's gym badge
    • PC Storage App - Andy's house in Osier Town or his cousin's house in Violet City
    • Flight Service App - From Misty in her house in Nettle town after defeating the War Party in Nightshade or from Abel in Gallant Square after earning the Pine Town gym badge.
  • The Regional Pokédexes for both East and West Godra have been added, allowing you to easily search for available wild Pokémon that you have previously encountered. The Encounters app on the Pokégear also shows available wild Pokémon nearby.
  • Controller support has been added. Controls can be remapped by pressing F1.
  • Following Pokémon have been added and they will follow you while you are in East Godra.
  • You can earn all 16 gym badges from the Godra Region. After collecting the 16th gym badge, you can rematch a stronger Elite Four.
  • Several new moves and TMs have been added to the game. Move Relearners on Route 13 and in Azola City now accept money instead of Heart Scales. There are several move tutors (Found in Route 20, Paret City, E’qui, Routes 7 and 13, and Orchid Town) that offer to teach exclusive moves for free.
  • You will now receive HM05 Waterfall from your rival at the Mega Tower Pinnacle in West Godra and HM06 Dive from Ray in Paret City after clearing out the War Party in East Godra. You will receive the other HM after defeating the Elite Four once.
  • During gym battles, you now must select the same number of Pokémon to use as your opponent. The use of items like potions during gym battles have also been banned.
  • TVs are now functional and will display helpful information at times during your adventures.
  • A quest system has been implemented to help guide players throughout the different career and story paths.
  • New Mega stones and evolutions that were introduced in ORAS have been added.
  • Nectar to change Oricorico’s form can be found at the Berry Shop in Cedar Town by interacting with the flower on the counter.
  • A new area, Shadowfell Sewers, has been added to Shadowfell. TM101, Murky Fog, can be found here. Fog is a new weather condition that weakens Electric type moves and strengthens Normal ones, prevents paralysis, and slightly lowers accuracy.
  • You can use dive in Route 23 to find the Underwater Lab. You may receive Zygarde here.
  • Several of the Career paths have been expanded upon and finished/updated. You can catch legendaries in almost all career paths. Genesect is now available at the end of the Military path in West Godra. The Master and Advanced Pokémon Contests have been added to the game and Meloetta can be caught after completing the Master level contest.
  • Several healing and battle items can be crafted at the Apothecary table in East Godra.
  • The gym badges, trainer card, and pokegear screens have been updated.
  • You will now receive HM02 Fly after defeating the Paret City Gym as before.
  • Slightly lowered the level curve in West Godra.
  • And several other new features!

Pokémon Changes[]

  • Gen 6 and 7 Pokémon now have their correct and functional abilities, such as Aegislash's Stance Change or Mimikyu's Disguise. Gen 6 and 7 moves are now fully implemented as well (such as King's Shield, Shell Trap, etc.).
  • Alolan Pokémon Evolutions have been fixed. Exeggcutor will evolve into its Alolan form when a Leaf Stone is used on it in any area in West Godra with palm trees. Pikachu will evolve into its Alolan form when exposed to a Thunderstone in the Omoth Powerplant. Cubone will evolve into Marowak at Lv 28+ in the Magma Caverns or Scorched Tunnel.
  • More Fakemon have been added: Eevee evolves into Knighteon when it levels up holding the Rustic Shield (given by a girl in Nettle Town). Sunflora and Farfetch’d have new evolutions. Dhelmise has a new pre-evolution.
  • Meltan can be caught in Holly City.
  • Several Pokemon have received type, stat, and movepool balance changes and updates.
  • Even new starters have been added to the game. You can finally have Chimchar as a starter! Many changes to the available starters have been made to offer more balanced options.
  • Jirachi can be caught in the Earth Force career path in West Godra.
  • Zapdos can now be caught in the Omoth Powerplant after earning seven gym badges.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed the empty interiors glitch and missing tilesets issue that some players were experiencing when entering buildings.
  • Fixed several issues with player sprites not appearing correctly, such as the walking, running, and surfing animations.
  • Fixed several issues with in-battle Pokemon sprites not appearing correctly.
  • Fixed bug where players would not be able to enter Albright Factory despite receiving the Factory Pass.
  • Fixed several bugs in the career storylines where players would be unable to progress further.
  • Evolution stones and items, including the Love Stone for Sylveon and the Link Stone for trade evolutions, have been fixed.
  • Fixed several collision errors and invisible wall glitches.
  • Fixed error where wild Pokemon would not appear after defeating the elite four
  • Fixed error where the Room Key would not work on Liberty Island.
  • Fixed crash with Move Deleter in Willow City.
  • Fixed bug where traveling to Route 15 after competing in the Bug Contest would crash the game.
  • Fixed bug where game would crash after defeating the Elite Four.
  • Fixed bug where players would be unable to revive their fossils when speaking to the scientist.
  • Fixed issue where natures would not correctly display stat changes in the summary screen.
  • Fixed several issues with incorrect map pathing to caves and buildings.
  • After showing Happiny to the Nurse in Willow City for the Nursing Career, you may show her either Chansey or Blissey.
  • Fixed a bug where players would be unable to progress after encountering Kyogre in Lake Omoth underwater.
  • Fixed tileset issue where large trees would have spaces in between them.
  • Fixed a bug where flying to Orchid Town would make the player unable to move.
  • And many other miscellaneous bug fixes!

Updates for Beta 0.2 (16 May 2020)[]

Major Gameplay Changes[]

  • After defeating the Champion, you will be returned home. You can then travel to the other side of the Godra Region by heading through Route 14 and crossing White River Bridge. Wild Pokemon and trainers will be stronger. You’ll be able to earn gym badges up to Rantipole Gym and Pine Town Gym. NOTE: Please keep in mind that the order in which you challenge gyms will be different after you defeat the elite four. For example, East Godra trainers will fight the Abyss Gym first, while West Godra trainers will fight the gym in Cedar Town first.
  • Deciding to join the War Party will now result in fighting Trainer Coalition members at various points in the story. In West Godra, you might even face off against an Admin of the Trainer Coalition!
  • A useful outside market has been added to Paret City. The Paret City Museum has also been added.
  • A battle house has been added to Ebony City . You can train for the Elite Four by battling the trainers here, and will receive a Macho Brace after battling all the trainers.
  • A Weather Institute has been added to Route 18 in East Godra. Talking to one of the NPCs will give you a weather rock once a day.
  • New Trainer Coalition Centers have been added in Routes across East Godra. These helpful buildings can also serve as a Pokemon Center to players, so make sure to visit when you see one! The Route 19 Coalition Center is important to solving the mystery in Willow City.
  • The second task of the nursing career (to evolve Happiny) has been changed. You now only need to show Chansey, rather than Blissey, to the nurse. NOTE: Do not evolve Chansey into Blissey before showing the nurse.

Pokémon Changes[]

  • A few type balancing changes have been implemented. Grass type Pokmeon now resist Rock type moves. Rock type Pokemon are now resistant to Bug and Rock type attacks. Ice type Pokemon are now resistant to Electric and Grass type Attacks. Hail also increases the defense of all Ice type Pokemon by 50% when active (similar to how Sandstrom increases the Special Defense of Rock type Pokemon) Hopefully these changes will make some of the starter Pokemon easier and more interesting to use. If people do not like these changes – I am also happy to revert them in the future!
  • Added a new Fakemon, Miroura. Miroura is a Steel-Psychic Pokemon with high speed and special stats but very low defense. Miroura can be caught in the Pokemon Tower in Violet City.

Bug Fixes[]

  • The bug that caused the game to crash after beating the Elite Four has been fixed.
  • You can now challenge the Beginner and Intermediate Rank Pokemon Contests in Paret City.
  • Fixed a bug where wild Pokémon could not be encountered after defeating the Elite Four.
  • An error where Skrelp, Clauncher, and Phantump could not be selected as a starter (without crashing the game) has been fixed.
  • The glitch where using the doors in the Route 14 mining cave would get you stuck in the walls has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where taking the final exam with Professor Oak would freeze the game.
  • Fixed a bug where talking to the glasses guy in Holly City from below would soft lock the player.
  • The bug where you would be stuck after exiting the house in Route 7 (West Godra) has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where exiting a room inside Liberty Hall would get the player stuck inside the door frame and unable to move.
  • Fixed a bug where the door to the player’s room in Sampson Hall leads to Professor Oak’s classroom.

Updates for Beta 0.1 (9 April 2018)[]

Major Gameplay Changes[]

  • The Nursing Career has been expanded. You can now select the nursing pathway at the College in Holly City . You will first have a series of small tasks to complete at the Apothecary south of Burberry Hall. Next, the player will need to visit the Nursery on the second floor of the Willow City Pokemon Center. The Player can then access the doctor’s room in the Paret City Pokemon Contest. Players in this job have a chance to encounter Manaphy on Route 22 .
  • There is new map for the Berry Farm in Lake Omoth to help with lag.
  • The Rotom and Route 16 Inn Event has been fixed. After buying the inn, many new NPCs will visit the area. You can battle people in their rooms daily, or talk to one of the maids who finds an evolution item once a day when cleaning.
  • All of the trainers for the Battle 102 Class in East Godra have been added. You can find the last trainer in the Frozen North.
  • New trainers have been added to Holly Forest, Route 14/15, Azola Mines, Route 24, Paret City Gym, Route 22, Route 23,The Frozen North, and many other areas.
  • Added to East Godra several TMs.
  • Most trainer sprites have been updated to their HGSS/BW Style.
  • The level curve in the later half of East Godra has been increased now that there are actual trainers you can grind with.
  • Bug where stairs and most tiles in Frozen North Cave were unwalkable has been fixed. You can now go to E'qui and challenge the final gym!
  • New events have been added in East and West Godra to help guide the player and to give the rivals a bit more screentime.
  • The hiker in Azola Mines now gives TM71 instead of HM04 Strength. You will get HM04 from Ray in Osier Town after beating the gym.
  • A Pokemon Contest Hall has been added to Paret City , along with the Pokemon Coordinator job.
  • A Pokemon Farm has been added to the north of Willow City , along with the Pokemon Farmer/Rancher job. After showing the owner of the ranch a Rockruff (you can catch one on Route 14 ), he will give you the farm. You can buy animals for the barn and furniture for the barn home.
  • East Godra now has honey trees. You'll learn more about them from the Honey House in Cedar Town, as well as buy honey from the Bug Catcher Living there.
  • Battle Restaurants have been added across West Godra. They are mostly located in cities, and offer a room of trainers that you can rebattle for EXP.

Pokémon Changes[]

  • New starters have been added from Generations 6 and 7. Dragon and Fairy type Pokemon are also included in the selections now. This brings the total number of possible starters to 216! Check the Starter Pokemon page for answers to the starter quiz.
  • You can now catch legendary Pokemon Shaymin and Virizion in the new area E'qui Forest!
  • A new area south of E'qui , E’qui Forest, has been added You can catch legendary Pokemon Shaymin and Virizion. Shaymin is only available as part of the Safari Zone Warden job.
  • You can now catch Cobalion in the Ivos Range after completing the tile puzzle in the Azola Mine. You can also catch Terrakion deep in the Route 14 Cave.
  • You can now catch Heatran deep in the Ivos Range .
  • Added Azelf to Route 12 and Mesprit to Vespore Lake
  • You can now catch Azelf on Route 12 and Mesprit in Vespore Lake . Uxie is located in Route 13 (Waterfall required).
  • You can now catch Regigigas in the Vespore Lake Cave.
  • You can now catch Moltres on Route 25 .
  • After officially joining the Trainer Coalition Career in East Godra, you can catch Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. You will have to catch them in the correct order, as well as find the Pokemon yourself. They are all located in various parts of East Godra.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed glitch where player could not exit Mega Tower without Fly or Teleport. The Mega Tower event is now required after the War Party leaves Feverfew Desert and you defeat the Nightshade Gym.
  • A game breaking bug in Shadowfell where you could loose your Green Card twice (thus being unable to leave the city) has been fixed.


A significant portion of the content in this remake is created by talented artists. I'm trying to remember the full list of people to credit because I lost the document I had with the names on it. If you see anything that looks like someone's creation that you know, please let me know so that I can credit them properly!

  • lordindy for Ash HGSS Sprites
  • Geothern1683 for the Pokemon Rangers Guardian Signs BW2 style remix
  • KKCody for Team Rocket Encounter theme
  • bauerklos music for Route 201 Remix
  • luckygirl88 for trainer leaf sprites
  • Luka SJ for Elite Battle System
  • and of course GregWilder for the first Version of Pokémon Godra Version