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---New Update as of May 14, 2020---

Hello everyone! BubblyBuizel here with a new update announcement!

Thanks to everyone for your patience and help in spotting bugs – I was able to read through most of your comments/messages on issues with the game. I have been busy with college the last few years and unfortunately, I had put this project on the backburner. I have been working on it bit by bit though, and happy to share an updated version of Godra Remastered! Many game-breaking bugs and annoying glitches have been fixed. More additional areas and quests have been added, and the Godra region has received a second visual overhaul (see screenshots below).

Please continue to post in the comments or message me any bugs you find in the game! I'd also love to hear any suggestions you guys might have on how I can improve the game!


I really enjoyed Pokemon Godra so I started working on a remastered version of the game! I upgraded the graphics to the DS Diamond and Pearl Style and also with Luka SJ's Elite Battle System. The later half of East Godra is also finished - the player can travel to E'qui to get the last gym badge and also challenge the Elite Four in Ebony City. You can also go to the other region and battle the first few gyms after you defeat the Elite Four. I added new jobs in East Godra (while also adding to old ones) and added some cool things to West Godra as well. Pokemon up to Generation 7 are included, bringing the total number of possible starter Pokemon up to a whopping 216!

Please note that there are some slight story differences between the Remastered and original versions. For example, in the original version, you get HM02 after beating the Paret City Gym. In Remastered, you won’t get HM02 until a story event happens after beating the Pine Town Gym. I’ll try to update the Wiki with this type of information as I have time.


In order to play the game, please first download 7-zip for Windows. Use 7-zip to unzip the file first and you can play the game by launching Game.exe in the folder. A number of players have been reporting missing tilesets and blank interiors – this is most likely due to improper decompressing of the game files.

NOTE: Please note that the title of the game has been updated to Godra Remastered. If you want to continue your save from Version 1.0, you’ll need to move the save data to the correct directory in your Saved Games folder.

You can download the newest version of the game here: Godra Remastered Download

Updates for Version 2.0

  • The bug that caused the game to crash after beating the Elite Four has been fixed. After defeating the Champion, you will be returned home. You can then travel to the other side of the Godra Region by heading through Route 14 and crossing White River Bridge. Wild Pokemon and trainers will be stronger. You’ll be able to earn gym badges up to Rantipole Gym and Pine Town Gym. NOTE: Please keep in mind that the order in which you challenge gyms will be different after you defeat the elite four. For example, East Godra trainers will fight the Abyss Gym first, while West Godra trainers will fight the gym in Cedar Town first.
  • A few type balancing changes have been implemented. Grass type Pokmeon now resist Rock type moves. Rock type Pokemon are now resistant to Bug and Rock type attacks. Ice type Pokemon are now resistant to Electric and Grass type Attacks. Hail also increases the defense of all Ice type Pokemon by 50% when active (similar to how Sandstrom increases the Special Defense of Rock type Pokemon) Hopefully these changes will make some of the starter Pokemon easier and more interesting to use. If people do not like these changes – I am also happy to revert them in the future!
  • Deciding to join the War Party will now result in fighting Trainer Coalition members at various points in the story. In West Godra, you might even face off against an Admin of the Trainer Coalition!
  • A useful outside market has been added to Paret City. The Paret City Museum has also been added.
  • A battle house has been added to Ebony City . You can train for the Elite Four by battling the trainers here, and will receive a Macho Brace after battling all the trainers.
  • A Weather Institute has been added to Route 18 in East Godra. Talking to one of the NPCs will give you a weather rock once a day.
  • Added a new Fakemon, Miroura. Miroura is a Steel-Psychic Pokemon with high speed and special stats but very low defense. Miroura can be caught in the Pokemon Tower in Violet City.
  • New Trainer Coalition Centers have been added in Routes across East Godra. These helpful buildings can also serve as a Pokemon Center to players, so make sure to visit when you see one! The Route 19 Coalition Center is important to solving the mystery in Willow City.
  • The second task of the nursing career (to evolve Happiny) has been changed. You now only need to show Chansey, rather than Blissey, to the nurse. NOTE: Do not evolve Chansey into Blissey before showing the nurse.
  • You can now challenge the Beginner and Intermediate Rank Pokemon Contests in Paret City. In the future, unlocking the Master Rank Pokemon Contests will unlock Meloetta.
  • Fixed a bug where wild Pokemon could not be encountered after defeating the Elite Four.
  • The annoying glitch where towns and cities would be littered with invisible walls has been fixed.
  • The Link stone now works like any other evolutionary stone.
  • An error where Skrelp or Clauncher could not be selected as a starter (without crashing the game) has been fixed.
  • The glitch where using the doors in the Route 14 mining cave would get you stuck in the walls has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where taking the final exam with Professor Oak would freeze the game.
  • Fixed a bug where talking to the glasses guy in Holly City from below would soft lock the player.
  • The bug where you would be stuck after exiting the house in Route 7 (West Godra) has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where exiting a room inside Liberty Hall would get the player stuck inside the door frame and unable to move.
  • Fixed a bug where the door to the player’s room in Sampson Hall leads to Professor Oak’s classroom.

Updates for Version 1.0

  • Fixed glitch where player could not exit Mega Tower without Fly or Teleport. The Mega Tower event is now required after the War Party leaves Feverfew Desert and you defeat the Nightshade Gym.
  • The Nursing Career has been expanded. You can now select the nursing pathway at the College in Holly City . You will first have a series of small tasks to complete at the Apothecary south of Burberry Hall. Next, the player will need to visit the Nursery on the second floor of the Willow City Pokemon Center. The Player can then access the doctor’s room in the Paret City Pokemon Contest. Players in this job have a chance to encounter Manaphy on Route 22 .
  • There is new map for the Berry Farm in Lake Omoth to help with lag.
  • The Rotom and Route 16 Inn Event has been fixed. After buying the inn, many new NPCs will visit the area. You can battle people in their rooms daily, or talk to one of the maids who finds an evolution item once a day when cleaning.
  • All of the trainers for the Battle 102 Class in East Godra have been added. You can find the last trainer in the Frozen North.
  • New trainers have been added to Holly Forest, Route 14/15, Azola Mines, Route 24, Paret City Gym, Route 22, Route 23,The Frozen North, and many other areas.
  • Added to East Godra TM53(Route 24),TM30(Route 24),TM35(Route 22),TM60(Route 22),TM07(Frozen North), TM24(Frozen North),TM02(Frozen North Cave),TM29(Frozen North Cave),TM71(Frozen North Cave) TM40(Route20),TM11(Route21),TM84(Azola City),TM70(Abandoned Mine),TM99(E'qui),TM81(E'qui Forest),TM96(E'qui Forest)
  • Most trainer sprites have been updated to their HGSS/BW Style.
  • The level curve in the later half of East Godra has been increased now that there are actual trainers you can grind with.
  • Bug where stairs and most tiles in Frozen North Cave were unwalkable has been fixed. You can now go to E'qui and challenge the final gym!
  • New events have been added in East and West Godra to help guide the player and to give the rivals a bit more screentime.
  • The hiker in Azola Mines now gives TM71 instead of HM04 Strength. You will get HM04 from Ray in Osier Town after beating the gym.
  • A Pokemon Contest Hall has been added to Paret City , along with the Pokemon Coordinator job.
  • A Pokemon Farm has been added to the north of Willow City , along with the Pokemon Farmer/Rancher job. After showing the owner of the ranch a Rockruff (you can catch one on Route 14 ), he will give you the farm. You can buy animals for the barn and furniture for the barn home.
  • New starters have been added from Generations 6 and 7. Dragon and Fairy type Pokemon are also included in the selections now. This brings the total number of possible starters to 216! Check the Starter Pokemon page for answers to the starter quiz.
  • A game breaking bug in Shadowfell where you could loose your Green Card twice (thus being unable to leave the city) has been fixed.
  • You can now catch legendary Pokemon Shaymin and Virizion in the new area E'qui Forest!
  • A new area south of E'qui , E’qui Forest, has been added You can catch legendary Pokemon Shaymin and Virizion. Shaymin is only available as part of the Safari Zone Warden job.
  • You can now catch Cobalion in the Ivos Range after completing the tile puzzle in the Azola Mine. You can also catch Terrakion deep in the Route 14 Cave.
  • You can now catch Heatran deep in the Ivos Range .
  • Added Azelf to Route 12 and Mesprit to Vespore Lake
  • You can now catch Azelf on Route 12 and Mesprit in Vespore Lake . Uxie is located in Route 13 (Waterfall required).
  • You can now catch Regigigas in the Vespore Lake Cave.
  • East Godra now has honey trees. You'll learn more about them from the Honey House in Cedar Town, as well as buy honey from the Bug Catcher Living there.
  • You can now chatch Moltres on Route 25 .
  • After officially joining the Trainer Coalition Career in East Godra, you can catch Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. You will have to catch them in the correct order, as well as find the Pokemon yourself. They are all located in various parts of East Godra.
  • Battle Restaurants have been added across West Godra. They are mostly located in cities, and offer a room of trainers that you can rebattle for EXP.



A significant portion of the content in this remake is created by talented artists. I'm trying to remember the full list of people to credit because I lost the document I had with the names on it. If you see anything that looks like someone's creation that you know, please let me know so that I can credit them properly!

  • lordindy for Ash HGSS Sprites
  • Geothern1683 for the Pokemon Rangers Guardian Signs BW2 style remix
  • KKCody for Team Rocket Encounter theme
  • bauerklos music for Route 201 Remix
  • luckygirl88 for trainer leaf sprites
  • Luka SJ for Elite Battle System
  • and of course GregWilder for the first Version of Pokémon Godra Version