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In general, Pokémon in the Lands of Godra behave the very same as in other Pokémon versions. They have the same Abilities, learn the same moves and evolve by the same method as in Gen V.

Kangakub native pokémon, male and female

Some exceptions exist, eg. the Kangaskub baby Pokémon, or some Evolutions that cannot work in Godra.

As of Version Pokemon Godra Remastered all extra Evolutionstones are infuntional.


As there is no possiblity of between player trade, an evolution stone called "Link Stone" has been added to the game, that evolves all Pokémon evolvable by trade. If a specific item must be held while trading, that item must be held while the stone is used.

A few Link Stones can be found throughout Godra, additional ones can be bought at the Evolution Mart.


Area where Glaceon can be optained, click to enlarge

All Location based evolutions are possible in Godra, but only in West or East.
The respective Locations are:


The Evolution of Eevee into Sylveon also was changed to a Stone, the Love Stone, since Pokémon-Amie is no feature of Pokémon Godra. You get it from Prof. Rowan's class during the second semester of college in the East.

Kangaskub can evolve through trade (Link Stone) while holding the Kangaskull item or through level-up at level 36.

Inkay evolves into Malamar by level-up at level 36.