Jalop town small

Jalop Town is a nice and quiet town on one of the Isles in the Ocean north of West Godra.

West of Jalop Town is Route 10. North of Jalop Town is Route 11. East of Jalop Town is Route 12 and south of Jalop Town is Route 13.

West Godra DaycareEdit

On the far right side of town is a yellow house that contains West Godra's Daycare Couple. Here, trainers can have their partners trained or even bred.


There is a house on the northeastern hill of this town where your dad lives. When you talk to him he will feel sorry for leaving you and he will give you an egg which contains a Togepi or a Deino, depending on your alignment. He will give you the egg that contains Togepi if you are a good person, and he will give you the Deino if you are a bad person.

On the left side of town is a house where a young woman informs you that she is moving soon and will not be able to take care of her Pokémon anymore. She will offer the Shuckle to you, and you can accept or decline it.

An old Lady is living in the House to the southeast. She will give you an egg if you have all 8 eight badges. You can choose between a fire (Fennekin), water (Froakie) and grass (Chespin) pokémon.

Sonny of Sunday, one of the Weekday Siblings, is standing on the northern shore. Talk to him on a Sunday to recieve a Mystic Water.

A Triple Card Player named Tim is happily awaiting challengers in the pokémon center.

Note also that Jalop Town is the only place in West Godra where you can catch a Squirtle, either by Surfing or using SuperRod, besides route 14 in the mornings.

There is a burglar who stole a surfing Pikachu from the man in Rantipole. He will battle you with the following pokemon: Magmar lvl30, Electabuzz lvl30

Wild Pokemon Edit

Surfing on water

  • Corphish lvl 20-25 (61%)
  • Staryu lvl 23-24 (30%)
  • Horsea lvl 20-23 (5%)
  • Squirtle lvl 15-20 (4%)

Fishing with OldRod

  • Magikarp lvl 5-6 (100%)

Fishing with GoodRod

  • Magikarp lvl 15-17 (80%)
  • Horsea lvl 16-17 (20%)

Fishing with SuperRod

  • Horsea lvl 19-23 (95%)
  • Squirtle lvl 15-18 (4%)
  • Corphish lvl 21-22 (1%)