Pokemon Godra Lake Omoth

Lakefront of Lake Omoth at Night

West of Omoth lies Lake Omoth, a beautiful, but dangerously deep lake.

A good opportunity to start fishing and train your Pokémon with these incapable Magikarp.

Do not plant lot's of berries in the loomy soil at the berry farmers house! This will severely lag the game. Plant berries on small maps like Route 2 or skip your computers Time forward after planting to make the berries grow instantly and then endure the lag while picking them.

There is also a cave in the island in the middle of the lake with the legendary Pokemon Registeel.


  • Poison Evidence - find it at the northwest bank of the lake, your first step to stopping the pollution here
  • Old Rod - purchase from first fisher for 500¥ to fish some Magikarp
  • Some berries
  • A blue and a green Aprikokotree
  • Cliff, the Pokéball Maker - Northeast of the lake, works only after you take care of the pollution and defeat Gentleman Wilson
  • Omoth Cape - House for Sale for 9000¥
  • Berry farmer - bring him 10 Oran berries to get access to his garden and +1 alignment - read note about lag above

Wild PokemonEdit

At Land, All Day:

  • Caterpie Lv3-5 (30%)
  • Weedle Lv3-5 (30%)
  • Wurmple Lv2-5 (13%)
  • Sentret Lv3-5 (15%)
  • Mankey Lv4-5 (10%)
  • Grimer Lv4-5 (1%)
  • Trubbish Lv3-5 (1%)

Fishing (Old Rod):

  • Magikarp lv6-9 (100%)

Fishing (Good Rod):

  • Barboach lv17-18 (60%)
  • Shellder lv16-19 (20%)
  • Krabby lv15-16 (20%)

Fishing (Super Rod):

  • Qwilfish lv 16-19 (80%)
  • Finneon lv15-18 (20%)


  • Tentacool lv14-16 (90%)
  • Wingull lv14-16 (9%)
  • Mudkip lv14-15 (1%)


  • Honedge lvl30-36 (50%)
  • Carbink lvl33-35 (28%)
  • Gible lvl32-35 (22%)
  • Regirock (only one) - Charge beam, Lock-on, Iron defence, Amnesia


  • Fisherman Andrew - Magikarp Lv7, Magikarp Lv8
  • Lass Carrie - Ralts Lv6
  • Picnicker Susan - Clefairy Lv3, Lillipup Lv3
  • Scientiest Gerald - Grimer Lv3, Grimer Lv3, Trubbish Lv3
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