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An oasis inside Feverfew Desert, this is a very secluded town.


After getting HM Strength you can travel along Route 13 to get here. South of the town is the entrance to Feverfew Desert.

Main Features

  • Evolution Mart sells all evolution stones and similar items
  • Nightshade Cape, house selling for ₽ 50 000
  • Nightshade Tunnel leading to the Mega Tower, only accessible after beating Jasper.
  • Nightshade Gym

    Overview Map Godra Remastered

Items & NPCs


  • the Evolution Mart sells items needed to evolve Pokémon, as well as an Exp. Share item. The Feverfew Cave has a Cover Fossil behind some Rock Smash rocks.
  • TM85-Dream Eater (There's a computer nerd in the house beside the PokeCenter. Talk to him at night to get the TM.)
  • TM30 Shadow Ball (Remastered) - To the right of the Gym. Requires HM03 Surf.


  • Another old fisher is standing at the southern side of the lake - gives you the Super Rod
  • Misty is currently in the Pokémon Center, coordinating the Pokémon Rangers assault on the War Party base in the Feverfew Cave system. After you get Greg to take the War Party's second in command away, she... still says he's there for some reason. Remastered: You must talk to Misty first to start the War Party quest in Feverfew Desert . After the War Party leaves, talk to Misty again and she will head back to her summer home in Nettle Town . If you visit her there, she will challenge you to a battle.
  • At night, there's a very odd man standing behind the bushes at the house at the top right. The woman on the inside talks about how her family helped to end the last war, and she's sad to be alone but proud of them. Tragically, since this man only appears at night and says "I'm sorry..." it seems like we have a ghost of her husband or son. Above him and behind the fence is a Drifloon.
  • Rival battle (Remastered) - When you try to head south to Feverfew Desert , your rival will stop you and challenge you to a battle. She has a Lv. 36 Lopunny, Lv. 36 Growlithe, Lv. 37 Vibrava, Lv. 37 Pikachu, and a Lv. 39 Milotic. She will tell you to meet her at the entrance to Nightshade Tunnel after you defeat the Nightshade Gym. You must travel with her to the top of Mega Tower before you can go to Orchid Town .


The Gymleader Jasper is still a kid, but you should not underestimate him. He survived a bomb blowing up his house during the War, while his parents died and has been able to communicate with ghosts since. You will not meet any other trainers in this gym, but to beat Jasper, you first have to battle three illusions of him which each have only one of his pokémon.

Type - Ghost


Pokémon Trainer Remastered Original Version
Jasper Lv. 41 Golurk Golurk Lv. 36
Jasper Lv. 41 Chandelure Chandelure Lv. 36
Jasper Lv. 43 Gengar Gengar Lv. 36
Gym Leader Jasper Lv. 41 Golurk, Lv. 41 Chandelure, Lv. 42 Jellicent, Lv. 42 Aegislash, Lv. 43 Gengar Golurk Lv. 36, Chandelure Lv. 36, Gengar Lv. 36, Gengar Lv. 36

Strategy - I personally suggest capturing the shiny Gengar from Violet Town for this gym. It sweeps the Gym, at LVL 43 it one-shots everything with Shadow Ball. Also any strong water type will do well against two out of his 4 Pokemon.

Reward - Haunt Badge and TM65-Shadow Claw