Orchid Town is located north of Nettle Town, connected via Route 8, and southwest of Ebony City. It is the town of the final gym, although unlike most other towns with gyms, the residents have no idea who the gym leader is.

There is not much else here except for the gym, at the state of development this game is left in.

Orchid town gym Edit

Leader: Greg

There are no trainers in this gym other than the leader. Greg has no specific type, but half of his Pokemon are dark-type, with two being fire-type.

Greg's Pokemon:

  • Absol lvl44 - Sucker Punch, Night Slash, Sword's Dance, Superpower
  • Mightyena lvl44 - Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Crunch, ???
  • Scoutland (Leftovers) lvl44 - Superpower, Toxic, ???, ???, ???
  • Arcanine (Leftovers) lvl44 - Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Extreme Speed, ???
  • Houndoom lvl44 - Dark Pulse, Pursuit, ???, ???
  • Granbull (shiny)(Leftovers) lvl44 - Crunch, Body Slam, ???, ???

Win the battle and Greg will reward you with the final badge of West Godra and TM15 Hyper Beam

Tactics: I used my Infernape's Close Combat against all of Greg's Pokemon except for Arcanine, Scoutland and Granbull. I used my starter, Dewgong, to take out Arcanine in the end, and Gengar finished off Scoutland and Granbull.