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The entrance to the Safari Zone

Osier Town is the final destination for trainers who wish to work for the Safari Zone. It is connected to Route 20's long, winding road, and boasts a great amount of foliage. The town is also home to the Osier Town Gym, run by Kelsey, the Gym Leader. There are a few houses spread throughout the town, and one can find the Warden's house along the main road.

Main FeaturesEdit

  • Pokemon Center
  • PokeMart
  • Warden's House
  • Osier Town Gym
  • Safari Zone
    • Osier Town Gym
    • Something invisible? :)
    • The Warden's House


  • Andy - The creator of the Pokemon Storage System in Godra, who based his creation on Bill's system. He will give you the Eevee wandering around his home if you talk to him, and it'll be transported to your PC if your party is full.
  • Safari Zone Warden - The warden of the Safari Zone, clearly. He is looking for a replacement, and often employs young trainers to work in the zone.
  • Safari Zone Kid - In North Zone Rest House, wants a Pokémon to trade for his Happiny.

  • Bike Voucher - South Safari Zone in Rest House
  • HM Surf - Secret House in Safari Zone
  • Lost Map - North Safari Zone in Rest House

Osier Town GymEdit

Type - The Osier Town Gym stands tall with its rock-solid group of Rock-Type Pokemon. The gym is stylized as one would expect a Rock-Type gym to be, with many large boulders strewn around. There are trainers waiting to test your mettle before you approach the Gym Leader, Kelsey.

Gym Battles
Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Used
Hiker Grip Sudowoodo Lvl 24
Hiker Ned Geodude Lvl 22, Onix Lvl 22
Hiker Emanuel Boldore Lvl 25
Gym Leader Kelsey Nosepass Lvl 23, Onix Lvl 23, Relicanth Lvl 23

Strategy - The three hikers won't be much of a problem for you, especially if you have any Grass- or Water-Type Pokemon. The real struggle begins with Kelsey; her Nosepass knows the move Spark, which causes damage and can cause paralysis. If you have a Water-Type, be careful. You shouldn't have too many problems once you take it down.

Reward - For beating Kelsey you will receive the Quartz Badge and the Helix Fossil. Quite different compared to rewards one typically receives, but interesting nonetheless. Quick, find a place to revive Omanyte!