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The Trainer Coalition Headquarters in Paret City

Paret City is connected to Route 24, Route 18 and Route 22. While Azola City may be the city of industry, Paret City definitely resembles the city of progress. Huge skyscrapers, paved roads, and some very important buildings make their home here. The Trainer Coalition headquarters is located here, and there is also a gym. The Paret City Department Store is also located here, and a Pokemon Center that employs people with nursing degrees from Holly City College can also be found here.

Main FeaturesEdit

  • Pokemon Center
  • Department Store
  • Paret City Gym
  • Trainer Coalition
  • Paret Bakery
  • Paret City Salon
  • Bicycle Shop
  • PikaPark (unimplemented)



  • Standing outside of the Paret City Gym is a mysterious person who, upon engaging in conversation with you, is revealed to be your rival. They also challenge you to a battle!
  • In the very Southwest of the town are two salesmen. One sells Herbs, Powders, etc. and the other sells you a Shiny Magikarp for 5000 Poke
  • Shiny Abra Encounter
    In the Paret Bakery in the Northwest of the city, there is a woman who sells, Lava Cookies, Casteliacones, RageCandyBars, Lumiose Galettes, Sweet Hearts, Moomoo Milk, Old Gateau, Berry Juice, and Whipped Dreams.
  • Around the city there is an Abra that will teleport to different parts of the city, until it'll teleport to route 24. Once battle with the pokemon, it'll show as a shiny Abra but will teleport from the battle and then you will have a hard time to find the pokemon again.

Rival Battle: Edit

Haunter, Charmeleon, Roselia, Onix, Dratini (all lvl 30)

Paret City GymEdit

Type - Flying

Gym Battles
Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Used
Gym Leader Avila Pidgeotto - Lv30 w/Featherdance, Quick Attack, Twister, and ???

Noctowl - Lv30 w/Confusion, Uproar, ???, and ???

Fearow - Lv30 w/Pursuit, Agility, Aerial Ace, and ???

Xatu - Lv30 w/Me First, Tailwind, Wish, Confuse Ray

Strategy - Noctowl does not have a flying-type move, Xatu does not have an attacking move, Send out a special attacker first to avoid being Featherdanced by Pidgeotto. Rock-types will have no trouble whatsoever in this gym even though the doorman recommends electric- and ice-types.

Reward - For beating Azila, you will receive the Tornado Badge; this is the fifth badge listed on your Trainer Card. She will also gift you with TM62 Acrobatics.

Department StoreEdit

1F - Service Counter

2F - Trainer's Market: Top-Grade Items for Trainers!

  • Top Salesman - Healing Items
  • Bottom Salesman - Pokeballs, Escape Ropes, Repels, Mail

3F - TV Game Shop (Sells TMs)

4F - Wise Man Gifs: Express yourself with gifts! Evolution Special! Element Stones on sale now!

  • Pokedoll, Mail, Evolutionary Stones

5F - Drugstore

  • Top Salesman - EV-increasing Items
  • Bottom Salesman - Battle Items

Rooftop Square - Vending Machines

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