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Shadowfell is an infamous city in the center of West Godra. When you want to go in here, you will be handed a Green Card, that is used to regulate passage in and out of the city.

At Night you will notice that most citizens left the street and polizemen are all over the city.

When you leave after beating the gym and are not associated with the War Party, your Rival will wait for you to give you TM 94 Rock Smash (not without a battle of course).


Shadowfell lies at the northwestern end of Route 5. Route 6 extends from the city entrance westwards, but at first this is blocked by smashable boulders.

Main Features



  • TM 94 Rock Smash - either from War Party Boss in the basement of War Party HQ OR from your Rival when leaving the town again


  • If you're not a War Party Recruit at night there's a War Party member east of the Game Corner that steals your Green card. This enables you to enter the War Party HQ in the Game Corner. As of Beta 1.6 talking to this guy a second time (after destroing the HQ), will make him steal your Green Card again and you not being able to leave the town AT ALL. So make sure not to save if this happens.
  • Rival - only if you are not a war party recruit - will wait for you outside the city after you beat the gym and went to the basement of the War Party HQ - Pokémon: Ducklett Lv22, Combusken Lv22, Kabuto Lv22, Swablu Lv22


Type - Most Pokémon are Dark type with pure Dark, Dark/Poison, Ground/Dark and Dark/Ghosts Dual types, as well as a pure Ghost type and an optional Grass/Poison Pokémon.


Pokémon Trainer Pokémon Used
Gambler Lester Duskull Lv19
Youngster Georgie Rattata (Alolan) Lv18, Meowth (Alolan) Lv18
Aromalady Bella Gloom Lv20
Hiker Derick Sandile Lv20, Sandile Lv20
Gym Leader Rachael Liepard Lv23, Sableye Lv21, Umbreon Lv25

Strategy - To get to Gymleader Rachael you need to beat Gambler Lester, turn both switches on, beat Hiker Derick, then turn the left switch off again.

Fighting, Bug or Fairy type attacks will come in handy for beating the Dark Pokémon. Keep in mind the fighting attacks don't work for the ghost Pokémon Duskull and Sableye, so have something else ready or use Foresight.

Reward - Shade badge which enables you to use Rock Smash outside battle, TM 66 Payback