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Of course, Pokémon Godra features a time mechanic.

This is essential for the evolution of some Pokémon as well as a lot of daily or otherwise time-dependent events such as growing of berries.

Game Time

The time of your game is the time of your computer clock.

If you change the time of your computer, the game will account those changes the moment your game window is in focus again. For NPCs or plants to register the changed time it might be necessary to change the route or area you're in (one or two times).

Ingame the scenery will feature different looks based on the time of day with slow transition between daytimes. The landscape changes from looking like a normal day, darkening in the evening, then after a few hours of night, getting brighter until it has a yellow hue in the morning.

As of game related events, such as Pokémon appearing, it is Morning from 6 am to noon (12 pm), Day from noon/12pm to 8 pm (cosmetic dusk rom 6 pm to 8 pm) and Night from 8 pm to 6 am (cosmetic dawn from 4 am to 6 am).

Time based events

Growing times

  • Aprikokotrees will have a new Aprikoko one day after the last one was taken (2 changes of area needed)
  • Berries will take a specific amount of time to grow

Daily Events

  • Cliff in Lake Omoth will take one day to make a Pokéball from an Aprikoko (leave house and re-enter)
  • Daisy in Nettle Town will only groom one of your Pokémon each day
  • The Pokémon Lottery Corner will have a new number each day
  • If you get a regular job one day, you will get wages daily


  • The Weekday Siblings: These NPCs can be found throughout Godra and give you a gift if you talk to them on their respective days.