Shadowfell War Party member

The War Party member that either tells you to look around or steals your Green Card

The War Party HQ is located under the Rocket Game Corner in Shadowfell.

The door on the right wall of the Game Corner is locked until you talk to the guy standing next to the trees right of the building.

If you did not yet talk to the War Party members in Abyss, this will trigger an „You lost your Green Card!“ message and you can follow that guy through the Game Corner into the Head Quarter.

If you are a War Party recruit, he will only prompt you to look around the Game Corner and you have to find the secret switch in the right Mewtwo statue yourself.


  • Iron
  • Iron
  • Leaf Stone
  • Calcium
  • XAttack
  • TM16 Light Screen


Shadowfell War Party HQ security switch

Security Switch in War Party HQ

If you're NOT a War Party recruitEdit

You need to turn all the security systems off to use the elevator. Have fun with the Trainers. When you arrive at the basement, you'll see an interesting scene. Make sure you collected all the items beforehand, you won't get another chance after entering the basement.

If you ARE a War Party recruitEdit

Shadowfell War Party HQ scientist

Scientist Iron if you are a recruit

You can take the elevator right away. None of the War Party Members will mind you, just walk around and collect the items. The scientist on the Ground Floor buys any Pokémon you no longer want for 5000¥ each.

In the Basement the Boss will give you TM 94 Rock Smash and tells you to find their secret base in Rantipole.


These battles are ONLY available if you're NOT a war party recruit!

  • War Party Capet - Koffing Lv20, Koffin Lv20
  • War Party Liu - Rattata Lv19, Rattata Lv19, Rattata Lv19, Rattata Lv19
  • War Party Sarge - Raticate Lv22
  • Scientist Irons - Magnemite Lv20, Magnemite Lv20
  • War Party Hunter - Drowzee Lv22, Machop Lv22
  • War Party Pug - Voltorb Lv25
  • War Party Jep - Gloom Lv21, Gloom Lv21
  • War Party Parte - Golbat Lv23
  • War Party Chester - Grimer Lv22, Grimer Lv22
  • War Party Guar - Poochyena Lv21, Poochyena Lv21
  • War Party Nantes - Mightyena Lv23
  • War Party Havier - Gastly Lv22


Only available if you ARE a War Party recruit!

Scientist Iron – he pays 5000¥ for any Pokémon you give him