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The town map of Godra.

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Trainers who make West Godra their home are accustomed to an entirely different life with Pokémon. The highly militarized, heavily industrialized land of West Godra is home to a much tougher breed of trainer. The two main employers of trainers here are the military and private security forces. Many youths find themselves training to defend their country. Eventually, these same youths find themselves patrolling the streets of such cities as Omoth and Abyss, or watching over the border at White River .


West Godra is the more highly populated of the two halves of Godra. Consisting of twelve towns and cities, West Godra has long been a tense place.

Possible Career Paths

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West Godra's strong national pride and strict sense of rules and authority make it a home to some of the more active jobs around Godra.

Available Creatures

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West Godra is a harsher land than East Godra, but this environment is perfect for many creatures who thrive in the harsh conditions.

Important Locations


West Godras Route are Number 1 to 14 and 25, with Route 7 to Route 13 being (partly) water routes.

Gym Locations

West Godra has 8 types of different gym locations:

  • The 1st gym is in Omoth, led by Kristie and specialising in Normal-types.
  • The 2nd gym is in Abyss, led by Thomas and specialising in Fighting-types.
  • The 3rd gym is in Shadowfell, led by Rachael and specialising in Dark-types.
  • The 4th gym is in Violet City, led by Nicole and specialising in Electric-types.
  • The 5th gym is in Alder Town, led by Ilsa and specialising in Psychic-types.
  • The 6th gym is in Rantipole, led by Bruce and specialising in Water-types.
  • The 7th gym is in Nightshade, led by Jasper and specialising in Ghost-types.
  • The 8th gym is in Orchid Town, led by ??? (secret) and specialising in ???-types.