• Move Deleter's House
  • At your first visit the way to Route 21 will be blocked
  • After defeating the local gym, you can obtain an (eevee-) egg from this old geezer.

Willow City is situated between Route 19 to the south and Route 21 to the west. It is a large, but sparsely populated, mountainous town; the Willow City Gym can be found here, resting high on a hill overlooking the entire city. There isn't much to do after taking on the gym, so many trainers move on to Azola City to the east afterward. Sadly when you first arrive, Route 21 is temporary blocked, so for now you should turn west and explore Cedar Town and Osier Town.

Main FeaturesEdit

  • Pokemon Center
  • PokeMart
  • Willow City Gym
  • Move deleter 's house.



  • Rare Candy


Godra wikia Sunkern

The place where the sunkern boy is.

  • Gentleman, "Mr. Smith," with a mysterious Pokemon egg for a "strong trainer." He doesn't believe in you at first, and requires something of you before he'll give you the egg if you have proof of being a strong tainer. Explore the town for a while. You'll figure it out. The egg can contain an Eevee (with a negative alignment ?).
  • A boy with a Sunkern will ask you if you will protect the sunkern and ask pokemon to join you. You asked the pokemon if it want to join you. The pokemon seem to like you, so it'll join you. Sunkern is level 10. (Notice this is in 1.8 version.)

Willow City GymEdit

Type - Willow City Gym is toxic...literally! The trainers here own Poison-Type Pokemon, for the most part, and will be a force to be reckoned with for some trainers. The viper's touch is not pleasant, to be sure.

Gym Battles
Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Used
Cool Trainer Sean Beedrill Lvl 12, Beedrill Lvl 12
Scientist Phillip Gulpin Lvl 12, Trubbish Lvl 12
Super Nerd Willy Grimer Lvl 12, Koffing Lvl 12, Grimer Lvl 12

Gym Leader Carrie


Gym leader Carrie

Nidorina Lvl 16, Seviper Lvl 16, Nidorino Lvl 16

Strategy - The best option for trainers looking to take on Carrie and her flunkies is to look for Pokemon of the Ground or Psychic type. These type's moves are super-effective against the pesky Poison Type (and Ground-Type moves will also help with Willy's Voltorb). Take a few Antidotes from the PokeMart in town, and an appropriate group of Pokemon, and you'll make short work of these poisonous personalities.

A good suggestion for a team against Carrie herself is Cubone. You can get one in the top right grass on Route 17 when you first come out of Birch Town. Level it up until it learns Headbutt, and then Headbutt every tiny tree you can find until you get a Ferrothorn. With Ferrothorn and Cubone, I beat Carrie when I was extremely underleveled! Cubone is overpowered anyway, Carrie or no Carrie...

Reward - For beating Carrie, you will receive the Toxin Badge; this is the second badge listed on your Trainer Card. She will also grant you TM06 (Toxic).

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